Moving Tips

Moving day can be exciting and overwhelming, but trust that we will make your moving day go smoothly. Here are some tips that will help our moving crews be as efficient as possible during your move. A little preparation can go a long ways in helping our crews stay on task, on time and on budget.

  1. Box everything you can for the move.
  2. Please seal boxes or put lids on containers.
  3. Make sure to label fragile items appropriately
  4. Try to box TV’s, wall hangings and lamps if possible
  5. Place boxes in a common area(s) to help the efficiency of the move. For example in the garage or a room inside the house.
  6. Please empty dresser drawers and cabinets especially IKEA and pressboard type furniture as it can’t withhold the weight during the move.
  7. Empty desk drawers and filing cabinets. Box up and label contents for the move.
  8. Box hanging clothes when possible. Alternatively leave clothes on hangers, wrap them in a plastic bag and zip tie the hangers together.